The ASSET project aims to revitalize Primary Health Care at community level by identifying and strengthening health assets and resources. The initial program began with the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) and was turned over to Nkhoma hospital in 2013. The project is funded by DIFAEM, a faith-based, German NGO. In 2021, the project aimed to reduce malnutrition and food insecurity at household level, improve water and sanitation within communities, and construct village clinics (VCs) for early essential treatment and case management.

The project continued with the installation of solar power to selected health facilities in remote areas. Ventilated pit latrines were constructed in many areas and nutrition education and methods of conservation farming were demonstrated in several sites. By the end of 2022, 24 village clinics will have been constructed (20 with solar electricity) in Ntchisi and Ntcheu Districts and in the Nkhoma catchment area.